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Free Dental Consultation Visit in Prescott For New Patients

The First Step Towards Improved Dental Health

A free consultation at our dental office is a valuable opportunity for patients to discuss their dental concerns, understand potential treatments, and make informed decisions about their oral health. This initial visit, often overlooked, is a critical step in establishing a patient’s dental care journey.

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What to Expect

Initial Assessment and Discussion

During a free consultation, our dentist will conduct a preliminary assessment of your oral health. This includes discussing your dental history, current concerns, and any specific symptoms you may be experiencing.

Educational Opportunity

A key aspect of the consultation is education. Our dentist will explain various aspects of oral health, preventative care, and the importance of regular dental check-ups.

Exploring Treatment Options

If potential dental issues are identified, our dentist will discuss possible treatment options, providing a general overview of procedures, their benefits, and what they entail.

Personalized Care Plan

Based on the assessment, our dentist will recommend a personalized care plan, tailored to meet your specific dental needs and goals.

Common Misconceptions about Free Consultations

Misconception: Free Consultations Are Just Sales Pitches
Fact: The primary aim of a free consultation is to assess dental health and educate patients. It’s an opportunity for open, honest discussion about dental care.

Misconception: Free Consultations Are Only for New Patients
Fact: Free consultations can be beneficial for both new and existing patients, particularly when considering new treatments or seeking a second opinion.

Misconception: Free Consultations Are Rushed and Superficial
Fact: Despite being complimentary, free consultations are thorough and focused on providing quality care and information to the patient.

At our Prescott dental office our free consultations play a significant role in the patient/dentist relationship where knowledge is shared, and early detection of dental issues, and planning effective treatment strategies can happen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A dental free consultation is an initial visit to the dentist where you can discuss your dental health, concerns, and potential treatment options without any charge. It’s an opportunity for you to learn about dental procedures, get acquainted with the dental team, and understand how they can help improve your oral health or address specific dental issues.

During the consultation, the dentist will typically review your dental and medical history, discuss any dental issues or goals you have, and may perform a basic oral examination. This is also the time for you to ask any questions about treatments, procedures, and what to expect in terms of results and care.

Usually, no actual treatment is performed during a free consultation. However, it’s an important step in planning for future dental work. The dentist might suggest scheduling a follow-up appointment for a more comprehensive examination or specific treatment.

A free dental consultation typically lasts between 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the complexity of your dental needs and the questions you have.

Absolutely! A free consultation is a great opportunity to discuss cosmetic dentistry options such as teeth whitening, veneers, or other procedures you’re interested in. The dentist can provide information on various treatments and help you understand what to expect.

No, a free consultation is not the same as a regular dental check-up. While a consultation may involve a basic oral exam, it does not replace a comprehensive dental examination, which usually includes cleaning, X-rays, and a more thorough evaluation of your oral health.

It’s helpful to bring any relevant dental records, a list of medications you’re currently taking, and a list of questions or concerns you want to discuss with the dentist. If you have dental insurance, bringing your insurance card can also help the dental office provide you with specific information about coverage.

If further dental treatment is needed, the dentist will discuss your options and provide recommendations. You can also discuss scheduling, pricing, and payment options if you decide to proceed with the treatment.

Yes, a free consultation is an excellent opportunity to get a second opinion on dental work you’ve been considering or advice you’ve received from another dentist.

You can schedule a free dental consultation by calling our dental office directly or booking an appointment through our website. We welcome new patients and those seeking more information about their dental health options.


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In-house Discount Plan*

$119.95/yr/individual & $179.95/yr/family with discounts of 20%-30% off all services.

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For New Patients without insurance we offer a great rate on your first Exam & set of X-Rays.

^For New Patients that do not have dental insurance. New patients must be 18 or older to receive this discount. Discounts cannot be combined with other offers or dental discount plans. Additional fees may be included in individual cases.

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For New Patients without insurance we offer a great rate on your first Exam & set of X-Rays.

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M CLOSED | Tu 9-4 | Wed 8-4 | Th 8-4 | Fr CLOSED


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