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Dental Fillings in Prescott

Fillings are used to treat a small hole, or cavity in a tooth. This procedure prevents decay from spreading and can fortify and strengthen the tooth, they also look very natural. They are used to restore a tooth that has decay and get it back to its normal look and function.

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What to Expect when Getting a Filling

When getting a filling done, the dentist will first look at the x-rays and images to see the parameters of the decay and where the filling will need to go, then they will numb the area to prevent feeling pain. The dentist will then remove the decayed part of the tooth with a special tool to clean it all out. After the decay is all cleaned out, the dentist will then go in and fill the now-cleaned area with the material for the filling. Usually, dentists use a material called resin which will need a special light for the filling to harden. After the material is hard, the dentist will shape the tooth to fit your bite. The whole appointment usually takes about an hour, but coming in for your regular check-up can help the dentist detect cavities early and avoid major procedures.

Common Concerns

  1. Are fillings painful?
    Getting a filling is a quick and simple process. With the help of numbing the area, it is also usually painless.
  2. Will fillings affect the look of my teeth?
    A filling is made from a tooth-colored composite or resin that is usually the same shade as your natural tooth, this way the filling will go virtually unnoticed.

Coming into your regular cleanings and check-ups can help avoid the need for fillings and keep your teeth healthy and strong. If you do happen to need a filling, just know that our dentist will be with you every step of the process and will make sure that your teeth are taken care of.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fillings can last for many years with the correct oral hygiene and going to your regular cleanings and checkups. However, they may need to be replaced due to normal wear or additional decay.

Yes, there are no specific restrictions after getting a filling and you are able to eat and drink whatever you like.

In some cases, it is common for fillings to become loose to move over time, but usually they are strong and stay in the tooth for a long time. If a filling does fall out, call our office to schedule and get it fixed.

Yes, our team has experience working with patients who have anxiety. We will do everything we can to make sure that you are comfortable with the appointment.

Yes, fillings can be used for front and back teeth. The color of the resin composite helps in creating a natural color for the teeth so it is less noticeable.

Depending on the insurance and the plan you have, most insurances cover a portion of the cost for fillings. It’s best to call your insurance and find out what exact coverage you have.

No, there are no precautions needed after getting a filling. To increase the longevity of the filling, it is recommended that you come in for your cleanings and checkups.

It is normal for patients to experience some discomfort after getting a filling but this usually is temporary and goes away within a few days.

If you have an old silver (amalgam) filling and want to get it replaced with the natural tooth-colored resin composite our dentist will be able to talk with you about options.

Yes, people of all ages are able to get fillings. Children get fillings to treat cavities and prevent further issues with the adult teeth.


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