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5 Problems From Wisdom Teeth You May Experience

The social media world has made the removal of wisdom tooth a great source of entertainment. In movies or videos, you see teenagers or young adults behaving in a loopy manner because the anesthesia takes a while to completely wear off.

Many ask if it’s truly necessary to have all wisdom teeth removed.

Wisdom teeth removal is only required if there are problems with wisdom teeth. If you don’t have them, then it’s completely fine to just leave them alone, according to a Prescott, AZ dentist.

So, what are the problems from wisdom teeth that indicate the necessity to remove them? Listed below are five of them.

  1. The teeth didn’t break through the gums completely because your mouth is already overcrowded. This can cause gum tissue to grow over them. The flap of gum tissue can trap food, which then can lead to either gum infection or tooth decay.
  2. The wisdom teeth came out crooked or facing the wrong direction due to overcrowding. Not only do they look weird, but they can also create tightness or weird spaces (that food debris can settle into) between teeth.
  3. They get stuck in the jaw. A lot of people suffer from impacted wisdom teeth because there’s just not enough room in the mouth for all of the teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth can be quite painful (some people complain that the sensation is quite similar to a severe migraine and the pain spreads across the face and the base of the head) and also lead to swelling.
  4. Some wisdom teeth come out at the far back in the mouth that it’s just not possible to properly take care of them. They’re difficult to reach with a toothbrush and to floss. Therefore, they are prone to tooth decay and are better off extracted.
  5. At times, a cyst forms around wisdom teeth and this can damage the bone or roots.

All these problems lead to great physical discomfort, which is why it’s smart for parents to take their young children who have yet to grow their wisdom teeth for regular dental checkups. Dentists can check signs for wisdom teeth coming through and conduct an X-ray exam.

The X-ray will reveal if wisdom teeth are likely to cause problems. From this, a program can be created either to assist the proper growth of wisdom teeth or to ensure that problematic wisdom teeth won’t cause health issues.

Get to know Dr. Reed – Prescott Dentist

Are you new in Prescott, AZ and you’re looking for reputable Dentist who can take care of your family’s dental care needs?

Meet Dr. Reed – make that Dr. Sean Reed, one of the most trusted dentists in the Prescott community. He’s been working at Horizon Dental Care in Prescott, AZ for many years now. Dr. Reed is a proud member of the community and enjoys raising his family here.

Originally from Chicago, IL and Denver, CO, life took him to Brigham Young University in Utah where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and minor in Spanish. After this, he moved to New York to secure his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at NYU.

He then returned to Utah for his yearlong residency in general dentistry at the University of Utah and now he’s enjoying his career as one of the leading providers of superior dental services to the locals of Prescott. Dr. Costes recognized Dr. Reed’s talent and hired him on as an associate and eventually a partner in our Prescott office.

Dr. Reed is a beloved personality in Prescott. He is known for building strong relationships with his patients by getting to know their families, and carefully listening to their concerns so he’s able to deliver results and ensure a positive experience for each and every one of them.

Patients have consistently provided him great reviews because they appreciate his sincerity and the dedication he displays. Likewise, they laud him for being very helpful with all of their concerns. He doesn’t cut corners when it comes to the true state of a person’s oral health, and he always makes sure to explain concerns in the most comprehensible way possible for patients, which is why patients say they remain loyal to Horizon Dental Group.

Loyal patients of Horizontal Dental Group also pointed out that Dr. Reed doesn’t only pay attention to dental concerns; he also carefully tackles his patients’ nerves. He is well aware that there are people who have dental phobia, or are just very nervous about unfamiliar procedures, or are simply the nervous kind. Dr. Reed is very patient and does his best to help patients overcome the jitters. He assures each and every one of them of the safety of treatments and even provides tips on how patients can personally deal with their nerves.

So, if you’re looking for a dentist you can trust for your family in Prescott, visit Horizontal Dental Group’s clinic (which also has a branch in Chino Valley) and meet Dr. Reed – the friendly dental expert of the community.

Pictures with Santa for a Cause

It’s that time of year and Dr. Mark Costes and Staff are giving back!

Horizon Dental Group is partnering with Toys for Tots to raise money for families in need! Below are the details. Also please feel free to scan the QR code to RSVP on our Facebook page. We hope to see you there. New and unwrapped toys are appreciated along with a $5 donation for Santa pictures. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to this deserving charity. From our Prescott Dental Family to yours, we wish you a happy holiday season.

Pictures with santa


Dental Replacement Options |More Information About Dental Implants

Dental Replacement OptionsDental Replacement Options | The Benefits of Getting Dental Implants

Aside from trauma or dental injury, tooth loss can occur due to a number of reasons. These reasons or factors include practicing bad oral hygiene, frequent tooth grinding or bruxism, failing to have teeth with caries properly treated, smoking and drinking, and poor nutrition. If you fail to correct these bad habits immediately and neglect to visit your dentist regularly, you may end up losing all of your natural teeth in a short span of time.

Once you already have a number of missing teeth, you can choose from among various dental solutions available to replace them. One of the most popular dental replacement options today is to get dental implants.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is surgically placed in a person’s jaw to securely hold a crown, removable denture or bridge. A dental implant is made up of three parts:

  • The implant device –The part which is surgically inserted into the jaw bone
  • The abutment – The piece that connects the implant device to the replacement tooth
  • Crown or denture – The artificial replacement tooth

Implants are usually made of titanium. This is the most popular material of choice since it is bio-compatible, has been proven to be strong and durable, and has the unique property of effectively fusing directly to the bone through a process called osseointegration.

Benefits Offered By Dental Implants

Dental implants can offer numerous benefits to individuals who want to replace one or more of their missing teeth. Their advantages include the following:


  • They look and feel like natural teeth. Compared to bridges and dentures, implants are simply aesthetically superior since they stay in place and they look and function like real teeth. With a dental implant, you may even forget that you lost a tooth.
  • They provide comfort and convenience of use. With this cosmetic dental solution, you don’t have to go through the bother and discomfort of removing dentures to clean them or before going to sleep. Unlike dentures, which usually make chewing difficult, implants function like your own natural teeth; as such, you get to eat your favorite foods without pain and worries.  
  • They enhance oral health. An implant can save the adjacent teeth since they don’t need to be anchored to the teeth next to them. As a result, they preserve the overall integrity of your healthy, natural teeth. With implants, you also have easier access between teeth, thus improving your oral hygiene.
  • They are strong and durable. As previously mentioned, dental implants are made of titanium, one of the strongest and most durable materials around. They will definitely last for many years. With proper care and maintenance, they may even last a lifetime.
  • They won’t impede your speech. Lastly, dentures can slip within the mouth, causing you to mumble or slur your words. Implants, however, won’t give you this problem since they stay in place and the artificial teeth would never slip.


Dental implants can make the loss of natural teeth more bearable. With this cosmetic dental solution, you can have better oral health and feel more confident about your smile. If you feel that dental implants are the right solution for you, call Horizon Dental Group and schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Sedation Dentistry at Horizon Family Dental

Sedation dentistry prescott valley av

Safe Sedatives Used for Patients at Horizon Family Dental

Dental treatments and practices have evolved significantly in the last century including sedation for major dental procedures. Lost teeth can now be restored, disfigured teeth are made perfect, dental phobias are addressed, and many more changes that elevated the industry have transpired. One of the most important discoveries is sedation dentistry, because no matter how safe and minimally painful most dental treatments are, a lot of people still dread undergoing sessions on the dental chair.

Prescott Valley Dentists, Dr Reed and Dr. Costes offer sedation dentistry and say that this provision is most effective in outworking the anxiety a lot of people feel  whenever they need to undergo a dental procedure. What happens is that they use medication to help patients relax or become completely unconscious during treatments. When patients are completely relaxed and numbed, they do not feel the discomforts of having various procedures such as scaling, extraction, incisions and the like performed in their mouths.

There are different kinds of sedatives used for sedation dentistry and they vary in the level of sedation they subject patients to. PV Dentist, Dr Reed listed them below and explain their effects.

Nitrous oxide or laughing gas

This is administered through a gas mask placed over the nose and it’s combined with oxygen. It offers minimal sedation but works really well in relaxing patients. The effects of this inhaled sedative wear off rather quickly so patients who need to drive themselves home don’t have to worry about feeling groggy after their dental treatment. Patients remain awake but completely relaxed with this sedative.


This comes from the same drug family as Valium, which many know is used by those with insomnia and depression. This is taken orally and an hour prior to the dental procedure. It makes patients feel drowsy, and a higher dosage can put them to sleep. This offers mild to moderate sedation, meaning that while patients may fall asleep, it’s not going to be too deep a slumber that it’ll be difficult to wake them up. Alternatively, patients remain awake but are not completely aware of the ongoing procedure.

General Anesthesia

It is the most powerful sedative used for sedation dentistry because patients fall into a deep sleep during the procedure. It is administered via IV and it will render anyone unconscious immediately. This is ideal for people with severe anxiety over dental procedures; however, all patients that are sedated using general anesthesia should be driven home by a friend or family member after treatment because the sedative effects last much longer. Most of the time, special medication needs to be administered to reverse the effects, but even with this, patients can remain somewhat out of it or groggy for some time.