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Archive for December 2012

Put all my fears at ease

“I am extremely satisfied with the care they have provided me. I am terrified of the dentist. Because of this I haven’t visited in 30 years. Dr. Reed put all my fears at ease. Thanks guys!”

C.W. Catlin

Do I Need Pre-Procedure Antibiotics?

Dear Dr. Mark,

 I had Rhuematic Fever when I was a child and my dentist has had me take antibiotics before every dental appointment ever since. Is this necessary and why was this prescribed to me in the first place?

 Thanks in advance for the information,

 Joesph V.


Dear Joseph,

According to the latest research, pre-medicating with antibiotics is not necessary for everyone with heart conditions as was once believed. Since the 1950s, the American Heart Association has recommended that most people with heart problems take prophylactic antibiotics before dental treatments such as routine dental visits, tooth extraction and gum surgery.   This was in an effort to reduce exposure to the harmful bacteria that live in the mouth that might lead to endocarditis, which is a potentially serious, although not common, infection of the heart’s lining.  Endocarditis is difficult to treat and can lead to complications such as heart valve damage, stroke, heart rhythm problems and other heart tissue infections.

 Who Needs Pre-Procedure Antibiotics?

In recent years it has been determined that there is no scientific evidence that antibiotics prevent endocarditis, and if it does help, the risks of taking antibiotics outweigh the benefits for most people. Therefore, the American Heart Association now recommends that only those people with the highest risk heart conditions pre-medicate before dental procedures. Those who have an artificial heart valve, have previously had endocarditis, have had a heart transplant and developed a heart valve problem, and those who were born with heart abnormalities need to pre-medicate with an antibiotic.

There are different categories of heart patients who may need antibiotics for different reasons.  It is best to check with your cardiologist to confirm whether or not you are a candidate for prophylactic (preventive) antibiotic treatment. Read more

Teen’s Closet

Dr. Costes Donation to Teen's ClosetFor December, Horizon Dental Group chose Teen’s Closet as their Community Outreach recipient. Teen’s Closet strives to provide free, new or like new clothing and accessories to teens (ages 13-19) in need in an effort to boost self-esteem and self-confidence.


“The Team at Horizon Dental Group were the most compassionate, friendly, kind, and considerate professionals ever. Dr. Reed took the time to put my son and I at ease with dental process–it was practically pain free! Tanner had a root canal, and we were amazed at how smooth everything went. The staff was very adamant about him being comfortable. He LOVES his dentist and so do I! We (meaning our whole family) will return!”

Debbie and Tanner Feller