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Archive for September 2012

Benefit Held by Horizon for Heart Patient

Brian Hamilton was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy in 2010. Brian worked in the EMS field for 18 years as a flight medic for Life Net and AirEvac.

After his diagnosis he ultimately lost his job and all benefits.

Brian is in desperate need of a life saving heart procedure that cannot be performed until he is covered by Social Security Disability Benefits.  He has been waiting for a SSDI hearing for over a year and it could still take an additional 6 months.

A benefit will was held September 29, 2012 at 2:00 PM at the Outpost Saloon in Prescott Valley. Together, we raised $518.72 towards Brian’s procedure.

Wife Complains That I Have Bad Breath.

Dear Dr. Mark,

My wife is complaining that I have bad breath. I brush twice a day, what’s causing it?

Thanks for the info,



Dear Hal,

As food is digested and absorbed into the bloodstream, it eventually travels to your lungs and becomes part of the respiration process.  This contributes to bad breath or halitosis.  Mouthwash and brushing will mask these scents temporarily, but the smell will not go away completely until it is completely out of your body. Read more

Most pleasant experience

“The most pleasant experience I ever had. All the staff was friendly and really put me at ease. I was nervous when I arrived, but completely relaxed upon leaving.”

Joanne R. Emery